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Welcome to our Latin culture blog!

Updated: Jun 10

Welcome to our dedicated space to explore the immense richness and diversity of Latin culture. From the Spanish language that connects us to the vibrant Latin American and Spanish traditions that inspire us, this blog will be an exciting journey through this vast culture.

We seek to be an enriching resource for students of Spanish language and for all those passionate about discovering and understanding the cultural heritage that defines Hispanic culture. Through a variety of topics, from detailed profiles of prominent Latino figures to the celebration of colorful and meaningful festivities, we will begin this journey of learning and discovery.

Each entry will be carefully crafted to provide an educational and entertaining experience. We will explore the most fascinating corners of this culture, from the iconic historical monuments to the lesser-known corners.

Our goal is not only to provide information, but also to show our deep appreciation and respect for the diversity and cultural richness that characterize Latin America and Spain.

In addition, for those of you living in Japan, we will inform you of events related to Latin culture in and around the Tokyo area.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey of cultural discovery, welcome!

Academia Vega

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